If you want to contact me for any reason.  Please do so by email:

To send email to Adam: Click Here

I am available for performances, master-classes, recording sessions, private lessons, etc.


If you are writing about mouthpieces please write something like "Mouthpiece refacing" or “schedule an appointment” in the subject-heading of your email.

  • I DO NOT do "rush jobs," and/or promise to meet any set deadlines.
  • Payment for all services rendered must be made immediately after the job has been completed.
  • No mouthpiece will be returned with an open or unpaid balance.
  • The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

The turnaround-time is simply affected by the number of customers who contact me.  I always have between 30 - 50 mouthpieces awaiting my attention.  Every time I send some out - I get more in the mail.  I do not rush the process or cut corners, as I (and the customer) want a flawless mouthpiece.  Thus patience is the name of the game.

My schedule as a saxophone player is always a priority over mouthpieces.  Thus the wait-time for mouthpiece-work constantly fluctuates.

Please forgive the lack of a phone number, and understand that for many reasons I simply cannot post one. I check email every day, and am more than happy to personally answer all inquires. That being said - I feel the need to reiterate:

Please do not call me regarding mouthpieces.

Do not call my management (below) about mouthpieces.

ALL mouthpiece inquiries go through my email. Thank you.

Question: "Why will you not talk about mouthpieces on the phone?"


1) Any time I get caught on the phone talking about mouthpieces, it eats up 20 minutes (or usually a lot more) of valuable time.

2) Listening to a person try to explain what they like, dislike, or are looking for in a mouthpiece... coming up with adjectives to describe sound... it's both very time consuming and a waste of both of our time. I need to see the mouthpiece in-question, not in a photograph, but in-person, in my hands, with my own two eyes... Measure it with gauges. Then and only then, can I explain why the mouthpiece plays/reacts the way it does. If the mouthpiece isn't in-hand, anything either one of us has to say - it's all speculation... I prefer to deal in the concrete. So the mouthpiece has to be in my hands and under my own eyes, before I can offer any information. That said: instructions of how to get the mouthpiece to me are easily communicated via email... why bother with a telephone?

3) With email everything is in writing.

In-person consultation at my studio is by appointment only; it can be set up through email.

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