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You can hear me at the Deer Head Inn every Thursday Night, with Bill Goodwin:


Innova Recordings - www.innova.mu

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Gotta have a myspace too - http://www.myspace.com/niewood

You Tube - http://www.youtube.com/user/Niewierd

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My profile on the All about Jazz site - AdamNiewoodAAJ

The Bill Goodwin Quartet - http://www.myspace.com/billgoodwinquartet

Nathan Peck's Band - http://www.myspace.com/nathanpeckmusic


My father Gerry Niewood - http://www.myspace.com/gerryniewood

Bill Goodwin - http://www.philwoods.com/goodwin.htm

Michael Brecker - http://www.michaelbrecker.com

John Scofield - www.johnscofield.com

John Patitucci - www.johnpatitucci.com

Jack DeJohnette - www.jackdejohnette.com

Chris Higgins - www.chrishigginsbass.com

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David Binney - http://www.davidbinney.com

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Ron Blake - http://ronblakemusic.com/

James Romain - http://www.jimromainmusic.com/

Nathan Peck - http://www.nathanpeck.com/

Mouthpiece Related:

Ted Klum - www.tedklummouthpieces.com

Jon Van Wie - http://www.jonvanwie.com - Good Information

Wolfe "Tayne" Tannenbaum - www.focusedfacings.com

Francois Louis - http://www.francois-louis.com/

Freddie Gregory - http://www.freddiegregory.com/

Theo Wanne - http://www.theowanne.com

Aaron Drake - http://www.drakemouthpieces.com/

Keith Bradbury - http://mojomouthpiecework.com/

Erik Greiffenhagen & Brian Powell - http://mouthpieceguys.com/

Norbert Stachel - http://www.purpleroom.net/purple_room_mouthpieces.html

Morgan Fry - http://morganfrymouthpieces.com/

RPC - http://saxmpc.com/

Johannes Gerber - http://www.jgerber.com

Lebayle - http://www.lebayle.com

Ed Zentera - www.EZmpc.com

David Jary - http://www.jarycustom.com/

Bradford Behn - http://www.behnmouthpieces.com/customizing.html

Merlin Williams - http://www.merlinwilliams.com/mouthpieces.html

Dave Tondi - http://www.davetondi.com

Edward Pillinger - http://www.pillingermouthpieces.co.uk/

Ernie Northway - http://ernienorthway.com/

Ken Barry - http://www.saxscape.com/

Jody Jazz - http://jodyjazz.com/

Kessler Custom - http://www.kesslermusic.com/html/mps/kscustommps.htm

Lamberson - http://www.lambersonmouthpieces.com/

Joe Smallwood - http://mouthpieceworks.com/

Peter Ponzol - http://www.peterponzol.com/

Phil Barone - http://philbarone.com/

Pomarico - http://www.pomaricompieces.com/

Fred Rast - http://www.rastmusic.com/

SR Tech - http://www.srtechnologies.com/

Patrick Springer - http://www.springermpc.com/

Gary Sugal - http://www.gis.net/~schwartz/Sugal%20Mpcs2.htm

Sumner - http://acousticut.com/index.html

Wilkerson - http://www.wilkersonultimate.com/wilkerson_ultimate.html

Yanigisawa - http://www.yanagisawasax.co.jp/en/accessory/mouth/

David Zagar - http://www.zagarsaxmouthpieces.com/

Zinner - http://www.hans-zinner.de/index.html

Ramon Wodkowsk - www.ramonwodkowski.com

If you feel there is someone that should be added to this list - just email me a name and link... no worries.

Saxophone Related:

Yamaha - After recently playing several of the new models... I could comfortably play any of their new horns as my main axe. I was so very impressed with the new 82ZU Unlaquered tenor with no high F# - it's simply the best new horn I've EVER played.  Period.

Roberto's Woodwinds - In my opinion, one of the best music stores in NYC - they have anything and everything you could need... (you can now go here and try a tray full of classic mouthpieces refaced by me) - http://www.robertoswoodwind.com

Rayburn Music - http://www.rayburnmusic.com

Francois Louis' New instrument - http://www.aulochrome.com/

Bill Singer - http://users.erols.com/bksinger

USA horn - http://www.usahorn.com

Perry Ritter - http://www.perryritter.com

Sam Ash 48th St [Phone: 212-398-6052] - www.samashmusic.com


All about Jazz - http://www.allaboutjazz.com

Great site with 100s if not 1000s of bootleg live recordings

My buddy Dave Bell's site: - http://www.mellowvelo.com/

Very Cool Ti Bikes (I'm treatin myself at 40) Moots.com

My current MTB of choice (29R baby!!!) - http://www.viciouscycles.com/

The meaning behind my NJ Dirt Hat - http://www.njdirt.com/

Craig Lauritsen, independent cymbalsmith - www.cymbalutopia.com

  also check out craigs videos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/cymbalutopia

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